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Getting the most out of the online experience for your company

Ask anyone in SEO and they’ll tell you that things are always changing. Whether it is a new rumour of an algorithm change about links or a fear of the all ever presence of getting deindexed, if you are speaking to an individual that feels that the SEO world is stable, run away from them as they obviously haven’t had a lot of experience. What can you do to retain customers that you want and help them weather the storm of the algo changes?

There is a better way of integrating the online experience for customers that involves more then just link building. We are at a moment in internet marketing where there is a chance to do something special like create a community for your customers.

Why go to the effort to create an online community for your customers? I mean so long as they pay their bills, why worry about doing anything else but cashing the cheque. There are many reasons to create a community for your clients but some of the most important are the same foundations that we find in any sort of group of people gathering together.

One of the reasons that you want to create a new online experience for your customers is so that you can weather the storms of SEO changes together. The truth is if you continuously try to chase what is around the corner for the Google changes, you are missing the point of having a people based business. By building a sense of connection and community, you help build a stronger, more trustworthy company that your clients will believe in. By branding yourself as more then just marketing, you can revolutionise the way that your clients feel about their connection to your company.

It will also allow you to create quality controlled content that will help you add value to your business. Think about it. If the client is not only getting results in rankings from you but also getting a place where their opinion and input is valued, that makes them feel like they are an important part of your business instead of just cushioning to your income.

How many SEO companies do you know that have an online community for their customers? Not many. Having a place where you can communicate and they can provide feedback will make you stand out in the market. It makes them feel more valued and it makes you look like an innovator each time you take one of their ideas and apply it.

Having a community creates and fosters growth for both you and your clients. It creates a shared relationship where you can communicate to one another and they can understand the SEO process a little bit deeper. Now, I do not imagine a lot of you going out for dinner with your clients or developing a life long friendship outside of the marketing world but having a basis where you can both voice your opinions and understand each other’s thinking will help you develop not only better marketing plans but create a solid foundation for future business.