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Getting content based blog posts to go viral

No one can predict what piece of content is going to go viral but there are several factors that can lead you to have better chances. These factors when you use them as a basis for your blog and content can help you increase your chances of getting that ever important and sought after viral content.

First off, whatever content we are talking about be it a blog or a video marketing, the important thing is to have is be in depth. Having a longer amount of content means that it is more likely to be referenced and shared. For example, articles that are just skimming the surface don’t give enough to the reader to be engaged in the content. To really make something special, the reader has to be able to dive in head first.

Another correlation between viral contents is that they inspire awe or anger or fear. What are you more likely to link out to friends and family members? Something amazing or something that is lacklustre? By playing into these important aspects of the human experience such as giving us something to be fearful about so we have to take notice, linking something that is truly awe-inspiring and humbling, or something that gives us a rise we naturally want to share this with other people.

In addition, it is important that whatever content you are trying to get viral is passionate. Emotion-filled posts and content make the reader and the watcher want to listen more because it has to be so important for the creator to put their heart on the line. By triggering that important part of ourselves that wants to know why this person is so emotional, be it anger or joyous, makes us listen and link more.

Also, having content that is practical and useful can help it go viral along with having it being surprising. While this might seem obvious that we are all reading and watching to be informed of something, creating something unique that makes people think and they can use everyday in their lives is difficult. As humans we get stuck in our routines and in a bubble so it can be a challenge to find anything in the world that can truly surprise us.

Having a known author is a really strong way to help your content go viral. Even though it might not necessarily be true, people perceive that if they have heard of a person that they are more likely to be an expert on a topic. It inspires trust with the audience and they are more likely to link it because they know that others have heard of the creator. Another factor in this is that they are female. For whatever reason, female writers, bloggers, and content creators tend to make more viral content then males. Whether it’s because they are able to feel the pulse of the current web scene or it’s just more natural for them to communicate in a way that makes people want to share no one knows, but there is a strong connection between content being shared and the creator being female.

Finally, humour isn’t always a factor in getting something to go viral but the majority of content that sees the highest levels of audience seems to be humour based or have humorous elements to it. This can be the most difficult of ideas to chase about going viral as it seems that everyone has a different idea of what is funny but the highest shared content seems to be something that is funny to the majority of readers.

Though not all of these are in all of the viral content that we see online, a lot of the key elements are in the most shared ones. Keep in mind that you don’t want to use this or other methods of going viral as a check list. Too many people try to get that ever amazing viral in what they are doing and they leave the important creative aspects out of it. Just keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep some of these ideas loosely in mind and you’ll have the best chance at getting that content.